A Child's Hand

When you hold,
the hand of a child,
Remember you hold,
the hand of the future,

When you hold,
the hand of your child,
You hold the key,
To your heart,

These tiny hands that we hold so dear,
Don't know the meaning of,
Destruction and Death,
Nor hate or fear,

They only know,
Playtime with smiles,
Laughter and Hugs,
Their day's know no sorrow's,
Only unconditional love,

So hold them tigh,
Keep them safe and warm,
For our future depends,
On our children alone!

Copyright ©2006 Tiffinie Sue Edge (TexanBeauty)
Published in 2004

To Be In Love

What's it mean,
How's it feel,
Have you had it,
Was it real,

It's a meaning of trust,
Of faith and happiness,
the fact that your dreams,
Can be acheived with someone you love,

It's that tingle you feel,
That warmth from withen,
That quiver you get,
Everytime that you kiss,

When you have it,
You will know,
For your thoughts go completely out of control,
Until the next time you hear their "Hello",

If it's real you will know,
You will see it in their eyes,
You will feel it in their touch,
If everytime you hear their voice it melts your soul,
From that point on, don't every let them go!

Copyright ©2006 Tiffinie Sue Edge (TexanBeauty)

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Love at First Sight
The first time I saw my Husband

The first time I saw him, was through the store window glass.
We must have been about eight, but that boy that I saw,
There through that glass, left an imprint deep in my heart.

As the years quickly past, that boy I once saw,
Was turning into the most gorgeous Man I have ever seen.
Was I crazy to think we might have a chance?
He doesn't even know my name and he hasn't even once given me a glance.

Then one day it happened, was it fate or just chance?
Not watching where I was going, I bumped right into him,
Right in front of the store window where I had my first glance.
Finally, those beautiful green eyes were looking right at me.

I said, "I'm so sorry, I'm such a clutz."
He smiled and told me, "Not to worry, he was not hurt."
As I turned to walk away from this man of my dreams,
He grabbed me by the hand and asked,"Do you believe in fate?"
I simply smiled and said, "Yes......it was love at first sight!"

Copyright ©2006 Tiffinie Sue Edge (TexanBeauty)

Valentine's Gift

They say "Valentine's Day" is the day for lovers,
A day of giving gift's, candy, and flowers,
To the one's we love to show that we care,
Is that enough, Do they know how much you truely care?

I say NO! If you give a gift,
It must come from your heart,
Do something special and a bit out of the norm.,
Make their heart melt, Become your lover's slave,

Grant your lover's every erotic desire,
For just one night let your passion set the night on fire,
They say the greatest thing in life is to be in love,
I say; The greatest thing in life is when you look into your lover's eyes,
And you feel your heart melting into their soul!

Copyright ©2006 Tiffinie Sue Edge (TexanBeauty)

What A Child See's
To my Son

Have you ever wondered how a child see's?
Is it the same as you and as me?
Take a brief moment and open your eyes,
Let the world of a child fill your heart with there dreams,
A child see's no danger in things as we do,
They have no worries in everyday life,
They wake in the morning with only joy in their hearts,
They see a day full of adventures untold,
A child's playtime is full of imaginary friends,
Where Mom is a Queen and Dad is now King,
Their house is a castle full of neverending dreams,
The dog is a Unicorn, the Cat a creature unseen,
The Boogie Man is only a Monster in a dream,
Bedtime hugs and kisses wipe away all those bad things,
For a child see's the world the way I wish everyone could,
In a child's world everyone is equal,
They see no colors or race,
They hold no grudges and don't know how to hate,
If only the world could see as a Child see's,
What a beautiful place this world would be!

Copyright ©2006 Tiffinie Sue Edge (TexanBeauty)

The Day the Angels Blessed Me
Happy Mother's Day, Mom!

Mothers are simply Angels,
It shows in all they do,
God chooses his Angels personally,
And he hand picked me just for you,
He knew you had the qualities,
To nurture me with care,
To shelter me from any storm,
To always keep me safe and warm,
He knew you possessed the teaching skills,
To guide me along life's way,
To teach me right from wrong,
To show me that the road back home,
Is never very long,
He knew you had the power,
To instill in me a gift,
The gift of life, laughter, and love,
The gift to know, no matter how far I may roam,
Where ever my Mother is,
That is the place I can always call home!

Copyright ©2006 Tiffinie Sue Edge (TexanBeauty)

My Guardian Angel
To a very special Angel, my watcher from above

We all have an angel,
To protect and watch over us,
At times when our Angel feels the need,
They wrap their wings around us,
To pick us up when we have fallen,
I am about to tell you about the day "My Guardian Angel" saved my life...

It was a warm summer evening,
I frantically searched for an easy end,
My car was racing out of control,
For my life was about to come to an end,

I came to rest at the edge of a cliff,
Watching my last sunset,
Reliving every happy moment,
In the last few minutes I had breath,

One foot on the brake,
The other on the gas,
The engine racing madly,
I was about to say fare well to the past,

As I released the brake,
An old preacher man was at my side,
He took my keys and parked my car,
and thanked God he'd saved my life,

This preacher man sat silent,
Just cradling me with care,
He told me life is worth living,
Not to throw away without a care,

He told me, We all have watchers,
Protectors from above,
Their known as guardian angels,
He said he was sent to save me from above!

Copyright ©2006 Tiffinie Sue Edge (TexanBeauty)

Author's Comments:
"I later found out that this man that saved me was a retired preacher man. He told me that nothing was ever worth taking your own life for, nothing! I sat in silence for the longest time, then finally talked to him. He said I would one day be able to thank him, by confessing my own sin. I have written this poem as my thank you to my guardian angel. For without him that day, I would not be here today. "

Alone in the Dark

I enter my driveway and turn off the car.
The sun is set and night has silently settled in.
Darkness fills every corner and crack that I see.
The pale light of a half lit moon,
Turns every shadow into the most evil of things.

But wait, what was that? Did you hear it?
Perhaps it's only my mind playing silly little games.
Or maybe it's the wind I heard calling my name?
Whatever I heard, I know, it has sent chills through each and every bone.

I gather my things and shut the car door,
I have my key ready and make a mad dash for the safety of my front door.
There it is again, something calling, someone following me,
I only run faster, praying I make it safely to my door.

I reach for the knob, Oh God please, I'm almost there,
My heart is beating faster.
The footsteps behind me I hear very clear,
I'm alone in the dark, which is now my biggest fear,
My screams pierce the night air......

The Police arrive to find only my things scattered across the front porch,
Key in the door and I'm nowhere to be found.
Only a bloody handprint smeered across the front porch,
For what's become of me is simply an erie tragidy,
Which has left me trapped.....
Alone in the dark, all alone, just me.

Copyright ©2006 Tiffinie Sue Edge (TexanBeauty)