Valentine's Gift

They say "Valentine's Day" is the day for lovers,
A day of giving gift's, candy, and flowers,
To the one's we love to show that we care,
Is that enough, Do they know how much you truely care?

I say NO! If you give a gift,
It must come from your heart,
Do something special and a bit out of the norm.,
Make their heart melt, Become your lover's slave,

Grant your lover's every erotic desire,
For just one night let your passion set the night on fire,
They say the greatest thing in life is to be in love,
I say; The greatest thing in life is when you look into your lover's eyes,
And you feel your heart melting into their soul!

Copyright ©2006 Tiffinie Sue Edge (TexanBeauty)

To Be In Love

What's it mean,
How's it feel,
Have you had it,
Was it real,

It's a meaning of trust,
Of faith and happiness,
the fact that your dreams,
Can be acheived with someone you love,

It's that tingle you feel,
That warmth from withen,
That quiver you get,
Everytime that you kiss,

When you have it,
You will know,
For your thoughts go completely out of control,
Until the next time you hear their "Hello",

If it's real you will know,
You will see it in their eyes,
You will feel it in their touch,
If everytime you hear their voice it melts your soul,
From that point on, don't every let them go!

Copyright ©2006 Tiffinie Sue Edge (TexanBeauty)