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Bad language........mild language will be tolerated, however severe cussing or sexually explicate references will not. First offense will be a warning, second may result in loss of privileges to post.

Do unto other's........Please treat everyone on this forum with the respect and dignity you wish to be given. There will be NO name calling, bullying, or ganging up allowed on this forum. If you feel this is occurring please PM Admin or one of the MODS immediately.

Photo's.........You may post as many as you like, the general limitations apply, thumbnails are highly recommended. Make sure you have permission to post Con photo's, wallpapers, etc before posting. Also give credit to the creator of anything used. PLEASE keep them clean! Nothing pornographic or sexually explicate!
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GOSSIP........will be allowed, HOWEVER, if you do post gossip you MUST provide a link to the source of the gossip to back up your gossip. If you do not provide a link to the source that gossip will be removed.

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