Enchanting Spells
A Moonlight Spell

Moonlight is the special ingrediant of many spells and charms. For instance, reflecting moonlight off a mirror onto the face of a sleeping person will put that person under your spell. Moonlight can also be captured in water and used in a variety of magical recipes. Place a full jar of water outdoors beneath a full moon and let it soak up the moonbeams all night. Then recite aloud, "Moon spirits from up above, fill this jar with magic and love."  Keep the jar tightly sealed until you need it to perform a spell or create a brew.  One excellent mysical recipe that requires full moon water is Phychic Tea. Heat one cup of full moon water with 1/4 cup of mint leaves and a sprinkle of sugar. Simmer for fifteen minutes and strain. Drinking this tea before performing any phychic work will help focus the  vision of your inner eye and heighten your sense.
A spell to Scare Away A Monster

Here's a spell to get rid of any monsters or boogey men who may be lurkng under your bed or in your closet.

Before going to sleep, flick the bedroom light switch on and off thirteen times while reciting the following charm:

Monsters luking far and near,
Your jaws of death I do not fear.
There are no children sleeping here,
So scamper off and disappear!
A Love Spell

Here's a spell that will bring the object of your affection right to your front door.

When the first snowflake of winter comes, build two snowmen in your front yard or  a nearby park. Make one in your image and the other in the image of the one whose heart you hope to capture. Each snowman must wear something that belongs to the person they represent. Sweeten the spot where the heart of each snowman should be with a little sugar and make sure that they are touching. Then light a votive candle (but do not leave candle unattended.) Recite this charm:

By this candle that I light
Let my true love now take flight.
Lead my love on a magical tour
Ending outside my frontdoor.

By the time the candle has completely burned out, your beloved will have knocked upon your door.
How to Counteract spells

There's nothing worse than being cursed! Here are a few simple ways to counteract a nasty spell. even is you're the one's who's been bewitched.

1. Place a penny in your pillowase, add a piece of birch bark and a sprig of willow. Recite the following charm for a week each night before you go to bed and the curse will disappear:

A lucky penny in my pillow,
A piece of birch bark and some willow.
I give these gifts to you my friend,
So that this curse on me may end.

2. With adult supervision (if you are not an adult), take a wax figure of the witch or wizard who cast the spell and melt it in a pot. Dig a hole in the dirt at least two feet deep and pour in the hot wax. Bury it there and cover the fresh earth with mint and sage.

3. If you are fortunate enough to be there when the curse is cast upon you, extend one arm, spread all five fingers in front of your enemy's face and shout, "REVERSE THIS CURSE!" The spell will bounce right off your hand and back onto the one who performed it.

A spell to Dream True

It is well known amoung modern witches and sorcerers that deams are useful tools for foretelling the future. To inspire psychic dreams, stuff your pillow with the leaves of the weed-like mugwort plant. Using this dream pillow to inspire prophecy dates back to ancient magical times. Always sleep alone when using a Mugwort pillow and keep a pad and pencil handy to jot down your visions as soon as you wake. If you ccannot gather enough of the herb to fill your pillow, just a few dried leaves burned as incense should do the trick quite nicely.
A Halloween Spell

Here's a spell hat very few non-magical people have ever heard about . . .

On Halloween night, catch an autumn leaf as it falls from its branch toward the ground below, and you and your family will have a year of good fortune. Let it drop and the leaf's magic will be lost forever!
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