Sea World Texas
      October 2001
Upon our arrival at Sea World, we were greeted by a family of ""Ghosts!"                              Zachary made several new friends!
The next leg of our journey had Zachary Riding off on a Motorcycle!         He was having a ball driving that thing arouind in circles!
                     Zachary was tall enough to ride the rides this year.
Soooooooooooooo, we rode the "Rio Loco!"  If ya can't tell, we got a little wet.
As nightfall set in at Sea World, so did all sorts of creatures!          Anything from "Killer Clowns" to "Warewolves!"
While walking up the path to go see the Spooktacular Shamu Show, we  came across a family of Skeletons.  Of course Zachary was making some new friends. So if you ever come across  a Skeleton Crossing sign, BEWARE!
It was finally time for the "Spooktacular Shamu Show."  When we got there they had a huge screen at the end of the arena that had a Skeleton narrating the show.  Along with some really neat flames, smoke, and special effects.
Next we were off  to the "WhiteWhale and Dolphin show!"
   That was the end of the show, those peole were really brave.
It amazes me at how they could do all those high dives and jumps.                                  What a great show!
That show was awsome!
Well, that was our trip to Sea World. I hope you had as much fun as we did!  Oh, an watch out for the                            "KILLER CLOWNS!!"