The Day the Angels Blessed Us

Mothers are simply Angels,
It shows in all they do,
God chooses his Angels personally,
and he hand picked us just for you,

He knew you had the qualities,
To nurture us with care,
To shelter us from any storm,
To keep us safe and warm,

He knew you possessed the teaching skills,
To guide us along lifes way,
To teach us right & Teach us wrong,
To show us that the road back home,
Is never very long,

He knew you had the power,
To instill in us a gift,
the gift of life, laughter, & love,
the gift to know no matter how far
we may roam......Where ever our Mother is,
That is the place we can always call home!

             We love you Mom
        " Happy Mothers Day"

  Written By: Tiffinie TexanBeauty Edge
                   May 4, 2001

             Published in 2007

L to R: Crystal - 24, Justin - 28, Tiffinie 34
Song: 98 Degrees "I Do"
Our Mother.......Karen
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