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   I Bid Thee A Merry Halloween

I am TexanBeauty and I will be your Haunted Host while you journey through my Tricks and Treats this Hallow's Eve.  If you are sure you are ready for a spooktacular trip, fasten your belts and prepare for a frightfully bumpy ride!
The Legend of Halloween
Halloween is a celebration of spooks and goblins, mysteries and magic. What is now called Halloween actually evolved from an ancient European holiday known as All Hallows' Eve: the day supernatural spirits were known to wander the earth. It began as the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain, which marked the moment when the veil between the living and the dead was lifted, and inhabitants of the two worlds could commune. For some 2000 years, October 31st meant bidding goodbye to summer, welcoming winter, and remembering the dead. Samhain marked the death of the old year and the birth of the next. It was a day of the dead, a night of magic and divination, a time when ghosts and lost souls roamed the land.

According to legend, every Samhain the souls of the dead were set free by the Lord of the Dead. It was believed that many of these spirits then roamed the natural world searching for bodies to possess. Families began dressing in scary disguises and noisily marching around their neighborhoods to scare away these immortal souls. This practice became the origin of the modern Halloween traditions of wearing costumes and committing harmless pranks.

So the next time you are choosing what to be for Halloween, remember all those spirits looking for a strong healthy body to inhabit, and pick a costume that is truly terrifying----it just might save your soul.
Halloween Blessing
by Sabrina Dearborn
At this time of dark and night,
spirits often give a fright.
We call upon the ancient dead,
circling now around our head.
Bring the blessings from before,
while we stand with open door.
Ancient spirits hear us now,
peace and love do we avow.
Now my dear friend's, it's time to choose,     which path will you take?
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