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I have just started collecting Antique's.  While on summer vacation in Galveston, Texas this past August. I visited a wonderful  Antique shop while there and this is where my collection truely began!
This breathtaking Pitcher and Mugs are made of Cobalt Blue Glass. The Pitcher has metal work at the top and the bottom, and the Cross metalwork on the enter. Unknown if they are Pewter or Silver.  The two mugs are complete metal with the glass made into them.  The peices contain no markings of anykind. 

I am looking for matching peices to these and also would like any infomation I could get about them.
Since starting my collection in August, I have managed to locate two more peices. A beautiful Bowl aand Vase.  I located these two peices through one of my favorite websites, "Design Tuscano". They are calling these to peices of a "Gothic" style.  So this is a start!
The next three pieces I found at local Antique stores here in Austin, TX.  The serving set, fork and spoon, are detailed with Cherubs and flowers.  They are both heavy in the hand, solid silver.  Both are in good condition, obviouse aging.  On the backof both they are marked ITALY.  Big on the fork, small on the spoon.  The butter knife is of simulaar style, but it is marked with  JAA on the back.  It shows a face at the base just before the knife and is detailed with flower/vines as well.   It has significant ware on it's back side as you will see. All three pieces bare the crown at the top.  I have kept the photos large to show thier detail.
I'd like to Thank Pflavia and Brenda for all you help and wonderful ideas.